Thursday, October 25, 2012

Oh Boy!

Clark has sure become a little person.  He doesn't listen, he hits (play hitting), and bites (he thinks it's playing, but he bites hard :/).  Oh, goodness he's just getting into everything too - like the marker post.  Well, the other day I was wondering where Clark disappeared to and I heard Jeff say that Clark needs to go see Mommy.  He was in my room... or bathroom rather.  He found my lipstick.  I don't know how though because nothing else was messed with and I never wear it anymore.  

When he came out of the room it looked like a bloody head injury or maybe just good Halloween make up :).  

Oh, Boy!

Last night Clark was super tired at dinner.  I was feeding Lorna rice cereal when one of the kids (probably Mhari) said Clark is asleep.  Sure enough he was sound asleep.  He didn't get a good nap that day and it had taken it's toll on my poor 2 year old.  
Clark is such a fun boy!  He is growing up and learning tons of new things from his siblings.  He is also talking more, but you need a translator to know what he says.  He loves his baby sister, even if he's still learning how to be soft with her.  He is also strong willed and knows what he wants and when he's upset about something.  He's going to be all grown up before I know it!  

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