Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Tough Mudders

Jeff heard about tough mudder from a coworker.  It's like an ultimate mud run.  It's 12 miles long with over 20 obstacles!  Seriously crazy stuff.  We have been wanting to have a reason to get our bodies in shape and stay active so we took the challenge and signed up for Austin 2012!  We got a team together too! - Go Team Cougar :).  

Jeff, me, Kayla, Jordan, and Shelby.  We look so excited and happy about what we are about to do.  We should probably look more scared.  

Before the course we took some fun pictures :)

And as part of getting ready we got a bib with our number and had to draw our number on us in two locations.  They really do rub off during the race too!

Kayla and me

Showing off my number

Our start time was at 12:30 and it took us about 5 hours to complete the 12 miles!  I was not expecting it to take that long.  We started off jogging, but hadn't conditioned ourselves to run the whole thing.  By half-way I couldn't run anymore.  We had beautiful weather during the race, but there was a cold front that moved in at the end of the day.  We were all really tired by the end of it.  I have plenty of bruises and blisters as souvenirs   Oh, and for long term souvenirs  we also got these head bands and t-shirts.  

For the race I got new shoes.  Well, I didn't want to ruin my good shoes so I found some on clearance... for $2.44 (after we got them marked off even more).  The only problem with them is they were a size too small. My feet were not happy by the end, but that was the sacrifice I was willing to make for cheap shoes.  

Oh, and the after picture really shows how much abuse they took.  

Through all of the pain and suffering of doing and accomplishing the Tough Mudder we have already signed up to do it all again next April!  I guess it wasn't that horrible if we want to do it again :).  Our goals for the next race:  shortening our finish time and accomplishing more obstacles.  Jeff and I only skipped two obstacles, Everest, and the huge Berlin walls (12 feet high or so).  I'm happy to say that we are a family of Tough Mudders now ;).  
Hey if anyone wants to join our team just let us know!!  The more the merrier, plus there is a discount once we complete the course :)

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