Friday, May 3, 2013

Cute Kids

Life keeps moving along and it doesn't seem like we do that much.  I guess just the normal school schedule and house stuff is enough to keep life busy.  Jeff is part of a basketball team and I started a volleyball team through the city rec center.  That is fun, but still not too bad of a schedule.  I have kept the camera handy and so here are some of the cute little kids pictures from April :)

My three little ones!  They keep my days busy and they are so cute together!  Oh, I love that they love each other!

Mhari, Lorna, and Clark

Mhari still loves to dress up in her leopard costume.  She's getting bigger and I'm sure it will be Clark's turn to be the leopard (as long as she is willing to give up on it when it's too small :)).

Little Lorna keeps growing... she likes her new sippy cup!

Somehow Clark still thinks he's little :).  I guess no one has told him that he's not the baby anymore.  It's amazing to me how HUGE he looks in that baby chair!  Oh, and yes he loves his shark boots.

One Sunday Clark was playing and I was busy getting dinner prepped before church and I forgot to put Clark down for an early nap...  good thing he likes naps and decided to put himself to sleep!  Such a good boy!

Lorna has discovered shoes!  She is so cute to watch as she tries to put them on!

Adorable :)
I am going to miss when the kids are too big to be little, discovering the world and playing dress up!  They really do grow up so fast!

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