Friday, May 31, 2013

The Summer of Swimming!

Our neighborhood pool is open for the summer and the kids have been wanting to go swimming... so the time came to haul out the swimming gear and head to the pool.  Let's just say that the water was a little cold for me, but the kids never seem to mind.  I have also decided that it's hard to take photos while at the pool.  First everyone is so busy that they don't look at the camera.  Second, once I'm in the water the camera is forgotten about.  As an example we attended a pool party on Memorial Day, but since we were busy watching kids in the water the camera never even made it out of the bag!  Well, with all of that being said, here are the kids enjoying their first swim of many for this season :)


Sandra and Talmage

Lorna.  She ended up crawling around a lot and exploring the pool.  She didn't really start enjoying the water until it was about time to go.  By then she loved swimming.  She also really loved to climb out of the kiddie pool and then slide back it.  She's a little smartie!

Clark and Mhari in the kiddie pool... my non swimmer area.




Lorna found Clark's boots!  

She loves to put them on her hands!

I will try to take some better photos of the swimming.  Plus we are working on getting the kids into some swim lessons too.  It's going to be a nice wet summer :)

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