Friday, May 3, 2013


Oh, what do you do when the grandparents come to town??  Projects ;).  Grandma and Grandpa came for a visit and instead of touring the town we hang out at home and get some projects done.  This trip we got the yard cleaned up and Grandpa got some light switches fixed (so we have switches for the light and fan).  There was also some shopping to do and a birthday to celebrate :).

Here is Grandpa with our little Lorna bug :)

Mhari wasn't feeling well one morning.  She fell asleep during her breathing treatment... poor thing.  She recovered well by the time we went out to the store so that was good!

Yard time!  This is the first house we've had with landscaping and plants... time to figure out how to take care of it all!  
Clark really enjoyed the clippers!

Mhari helping

Sandra with her cute gloves

Grant helping clip down the timmings to fit in the trash bags

More Clark

Talmage helping.


Grandma with Bug... Feeding the baby :)

It was nice to have visitors :).  

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