Friday, November 22, 2013


Since we are homeschooling we were joined a co-op where our kids could meet with other homeschoolers once a week and take some fun classes.  The kids took Latin, Music Composers, PE, Fun Math Games, and Science Experiments.  They had a great time in their classes!  Our Legacy co-op just ended it's last day this last week for the fall semester.  I decided to take some pictures during our PE free day time.  I was the PE teacher for the younger kids but the older ones were out at the same time.  Our cousins joined the co-op too so there was lots of playing with family and friends.  I love the great experience the kids have had and the friendships they are building!

Here are Bree and Mhari hitting sticks on some trees.

Ell, Talmage, Grant and friends on the merry-go-round

The older kids playing shark and minnows


Talmage getting tagged

Sandra and Savannah

Mhari and Bree on the merry-go-round

Sandra and Savannah walking

It is so great to take pictures of my kids... especially with the beautiful fall weather and colors we get to enjoy here in Texas!

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