Monday, December 2, 2013

The big family vacation... Disney World!

This year we decided it was time to take the kids on a big family vacation... well, every year we want to do something big.  This one was especially big since we went to Orlando, FL and spent 4 days doing as much as we could!  The two day drive just getting there was fun times :)

Lorna did really well in the car (mostly) as did all of the kids.  There were cranky times when kids got sleepy, as Clark is showing off in this photo :).

We had lots of fun planned.  Our first day was Disney World, Magic Kingdom.  It was quite busy.  We did the Monsters Inc. Laugh Floor, Space Mountain, race cars, tea pots, haunted mansion, splash mountain, Pirates of the Caribbean, Swiss Robinson tree house, Aladdin magic carpet ride, and the jungle safari ride.   I may have missed something, but that seems about right :).  I got to take the older kids to Space Mountain while Jeff took the younger kids (Clark and Lorna) to get fast pass tickets to Splash Mountain.  I enjoyed getting to go on the bigger rides with the kids.  I really like roller coasters :).

While Jeff was waiting for us he found a little play area.  Clark went to play while he got Lorna out of the stroller, put her shoes on, etc.  When he turned around Clark was gone!  Oh, man.  He looked everywhere and involved the Disney staff.  There is a found kid location down by main street and I was still gone on the ride.  I made it back as fast as I could and we kept looking while Jeff made his way to see if Clark had been found and returned to the lost kid location.  Someone did find him and the staff got him back to Jeff.  We were so grateful and had several prayers answered!  Clark had a potty accident while lost and Disney gave Jeff new underwear (a 7 pack) and new sweats for Clark to wear at no charge.  He even had a new toy that is a fan with lights and a sucker on the bottom!  Not that I would suggest having a lost kid, ever, but really, that was pretty awesome of Disney to help Clark like that!

That was probably the most eventful part of the day.  We did lose Clark again later, but recovered him quickly.  It's amazing how difficult it is to keep track of kids in such a crowded place.  I'm sure his age plays into why he kept getting lost too.  Jeff and my feet were really tired after the day at Disney!  Man, we sure did a lot of walking!

Highlights of the day.  I loved Space Mountain.  The kids loved the race cars and Space Mountain and Splash Mountain, we enjoyed the Mickey and Minnie Dance party, the Cinderella castle all light up, and eating a huge turkey leg for dinner!

Here is the photo evidence of our fun day!

Just getting into the park :)

Waiting to go to the Monsters Laugh Floor.  

Riding the tea cups

Rapunzel's tower.  We missed seeing all of the princesses.  Mhari was sad about it and I would have enjoyed seeing them too.  I have a feeling the lines to see them would have been really long!

Lorna took a nap :).  She slept the whole way through the Haunted Mansion.  She only woke up when Jeff tried to put her back into the stroller.  Poor baby.  Trips are hard on the little ones!
Playing at the playground where we lost Clark

On the tour of the tree house

Clark - found!

Enjoying our turkey leg dinner!


Our family in front of the castle just before the dance party started

Some of the characters and floats during the party

Our turn to go dance!

Sandra caught a ride on Jeff!

Riding the Aladdin magic carpet ride:  
Mhari, Lorna and me

Daddy and Clark

cute bug

Talmage, Sandra and Grant!


The castle all light up for the Christmas season

Clark worn out at the end of the day!

We survived our first day.... 

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