Sunday, December 29, 2013

Merry Christmas!

This Christmas seemed to sneak up for some reason.  I guess it might have had something to do with family coming to town and a baptism :).  We usually have the kids switch names and make presents for each other.  It was Christmas Eve and the kids realized we hadn't done our name switching.  Talmage had been thinking of things to make for each family member so he spent the day getting his gifts ready.  Later when I looked under the tree I saw that other kids had been wrapping things too... notice the slipper and pail ;).  The kids get good use of their blankets as wrapping too :).  Clark really went all out - even including some underwear just in case (blue item inside the slipper)!

All the stockings ready for the morning

It was a nice Christmas.  We got some nook's for the kids to use as well as new balls for outside.  Otherwise they got some small little gifts.  

Here are some of the opening from the day:

Talmage gave Grant a puzzle

Talmage made Sandra some earrings - which is pretty impressive considering she doesn't have her ears pierced and all!

Lorna got a bunny from Talmage

Talmage made Mhari a bracelet

and a necklace for me :)

Daddy got sticky notes.

Lorna got a horse from Clark

Grandma Whitmer gave the older boys dart type guns.  They were thrilled!

New clothes :)

Clark with his stash!

Talmage and his presents!

cute bug wanted her picture taken

Mhari with her presents

Sandra and her goodies

Grant :)


I got Daddy a new hat :)

We also got some fun boxes from the grandparents.  This one had games!

This one had books!  

Sandra showing off her earrings ;)

Clark enjoying his new train toy

That morning the kids got to use their new dart guns as they played outside in the col-de-sac.  They were hunting dinosaurs!

Clark enjoying the new balls

Bug too

This year we did a movie marathon for Christmas letting the kids watch Harry Potter.  We started the day before and took a few days to finish. They girls and little ones weren't included in the last few movies, but the boys really enjoyed it.  They did their own mini-marathon of Despicable Me instead.  It was a fun tradition.  It is funny to think of how many types of movies we have sets of and what else we will be watching (thinking of X-men in our near future).  It was a nice laid back kind of day.  We hung out with Nathan and Tiffany and kids that night and our kids were very happy to share Christmas with their cousins ;).  

We hope everyone had a great Christmas!

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