Tuesday, December 24, 2013

Beautiful 8

Sandra's birthday was on a Sunday this year and now that she's 8 she has the opportunity to be baptized and become a member of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints.  She was looking forward to her big day :).  The kids all got new Christmas church clothes that I gave them that morning and Sandra was so happy!  She had really been needing a new dress and was even happier to have it for her baptism day!

We held the baptism right after church (since our building has a font).  It was a small service and some of our friends from church stayed for it too!  She had picked "Oh, Come all Ye Faithful" and "When I am baptized" for the songs and Nathan and Talmage gave talks.  Jeff baptized and confirmed her.  I really enjoyed getting to help her get changed after the baptism.  It was great to hug her and see how happy she was!  It was really nice having family around to share this special day with us!  Happy Baptism Day Sandra!


Sandra and me

Aunt Tiffany did Sandra's hair and made her look like a princess ;)

Grandma Williams and Sandra

3 generations of Williams:
Grandma and Grandpa, Daddy and Chica

Our family!

3 generations:
Grandma Whitmer, Me and Sandra

My three cute boys!

Daddy all ready for the baptism with his Chica!


A special Thank You to Tiffany for being ready with the camera and making sure I had lots of good pictures :)

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