Tuesday, December 10, 2013

A little quiet reading

We have been rearranging the house recently.  you would think that after 10 months or so it would be just wonderful, but instead we have switched almost every room around.  The girls got swiched to the bigger bedroom upstairs, the guest room went to the old school room, the toy room went to the girls room and the school room went to the old toy room.  I guess I could take pictures of all of that, but I hadn't thought to ;).  Seriously the only rooms that haven't gotten switched are the master and boys bedrooms (I guess the living room family room etc too).  The last rooms that were waiting to switch was our library and office.  We had a huge space upstairs for our library, but with Jeff working more from his home office we decided he needed more space than the library did.  The office is still missing some decent furniture, but the library looks pretty good.  It is a much smaller space, but a very nice reading room.  The kids really enjoy it!  They spent all of Sunday morning sitting in the library looking at Waldo books.  It was too cute!

Here are some pictures :)

Grant and Talmage are modeling the love seat for you.

Oh, and with some changes we got out our cow (pronounced cew) picture to hang in our nook.  I think it looks really nice there ;)

Lorna was playing in the box... just too cute not to share!

It's always fun to change things up.  Plus it keeps me cleaning things out!  

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