Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Birthday Punkin

Our little Punkin had her 6th birthday :).  It really is amazing that it has been 6 years since she joined our family!  I remember being pregnant and very impatiently waiting for her to arrive.  She was a week late and 10 lbs so that is pretty memorable!  

She is a busy, smart, determined little girl!  She is so loving and a great big sister.  I don't think she likes being the 4th child, but she holds her own pretty well with her older siblings.  She has been waiting and counting down for her birthday for a few weeks.  It was so fun to wake her up that morning and tell her happy birthday to which she said thank you ;).  

Here she is enjoying our family celebration!

Opening presents:

Showing off her birthday stash!

Mhari picked birthday cinnamon rolls from the store.  That helped me out with one less thing to prepare for her birthday that night ;).  Daddy loves to help light the candles!

Eating her cinnamon roll and orange sherbet

Lorna and Clark enjoyed her birthday too!

Everyone enjoying dessert


Mhari was such a good birthday girl and did pretty good at sharing her new things.  Today she had Sandra help her paint her new window hanging.  It was fun to see her enjoy the present with others.  Happy Birthday to our sweet Punkin!

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