Sunday, December 29, 2013

Double Digits

Our 2nd child has hit the double digits!  I can't believe it's been 10 years since Grant joined us!  He may have been our second baby, but he didn't want to wait too long to get here (only 14 1/2 months after his older brother).  He was my first baby to come on his own - broken water at 1 am and baby at 7 am :).  He was our first jaundice baby and made a big deal about it by ending up in the NICU for a week to recover from the high bilirubin levels.  That all seems so long ago now, but it was an unexpected, emotional week for our family.  He happens to also be the first kid to loose a tooth!  Talmage wasn't too happy about missing out on that first!
Grant can be so silly, happy and crazy.  He definitely keeps our life entertaining!  

We had family over and ate dinner. We did brownie sundaes for dessert :)

Here is Grant helping Daddy light the candles.

Make a wish

Ready for presents!

Everyone took turns bringing Grant their present.  Lorna was too cute!

Grant got some pretty cool gifts :)

Swiss Army knife

His birthday stash!

Happy Birthday Grant!  Thanks for bringing extra fun and adventure to our family!
We love you!

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