Monday, December 2, 2013

Sea World

Our last day in Orlando was Thanksgiving and we spent it at Sea World.  It was amazing how less crowded Sea World was than Disney World!  They had a couple of big roller coasters and there was really no line so Grant and I (because the others weren't big enough and Talmage didn't want to go) got to ride them and do all of the other great Sea World stuff too!  We ended up seeing 4 shows.  We were gone by dinner time.  Each kid got their own animal souvenir which made the trip a huge success ;).

Our day included the Manta - OK, so really that was an AWESOME roller coaster!  You are laying face down the whole ride and feel like you could fly off and die at any moment, but it's so great that you are smiling the whole time - or screaming ;).  
We saw the Clyde and Seamore pirate show, Blue Horizons, Allure, and One Ocean - Shamu show.  Grant and I also rode the Kraken.  That roller coaster Grant said was better than Manta so that is saying how awesome that was too.  Lots of loops and even going underground.  
It was a much more relaxed day and our feet weren't worn out by the end of it either.  Here are some fun pics of the day!

A picture of Manta... you may be able to see Grant down at the right edge of the photo ;).  

While you go into the shows everyone leaves their strollers outside... let's just say that evidently the squirrels are very used to this routine.  Jeff saw this little guy hop right up onto this stroller probably looking for food!

Clyde and Seamore show

Blue Horizons.  Lots of dolphins doing fun tricks and even some cool performers!

Parrot lady

birds flew over the whole audience

bungie bird boy

Riding the dolphins

Manatee and sea turtle area

Sandra watching the manatee

Mhari with sea turtles

This one was missing his front right flipper

poked his head up!

Playing the sea turtle game.  The controllers were turtle shaped!

Jeff helping Clark ;)

Awesome manatee statue

Underwater Dolphin observation room!

Petting manta rays!



Jeff helping Clark

We found Franklin and the girls wanted to take a picture

We also found a penguin, Puck?, outside the Antarctica ride area.  Clark really wanted to join the picture and hug the penguin :)

Inside the Allure show.  Strong men ;) - really the only thing that held still long enough to take a good photo without a flash!

Lorna took a nap ;)

Jeff and the kids ready for the Shamu show.  I was not sitting that close up in the soak zone!

Huge Shamu!


More water...

Soaking Jeff and the kids!

The kids all ran back to sit by me, but Jeff stuck it out... even if he did move back a few rows :)

We were also in the soak zone and here is the splash that got us.  I wanted a picture, but also didn't want the camera to get wet.  Needless to say we were all pretty wet after Shamu and wanted to get back to the hotel and dry off.  

Sea World was fun and I think most of the kids picked it as their favorite park of the week.  

For all of the long driving, cranky babies, and lost kids I am glad we went to Orlando.  I am also not planning on going back any time soon.  Each park had their pluses and minuses.  We planned to take it easy getting there and back by doing it in two days each time.  Well, Lorna had a really hard time sleeping in the hotel room.  The last day we decided to wake up early and book it the 17 hours back to Texas!  It was worth the long drive.  Seriously wonderful to be able to sleep after that marathon vacation.  It was also really nice to have Saturday at home to sleep, clean, do laundry, and get some shopping done!  

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