Monday, December 2, 2013

Animal Kingdom

Day 2 was Animal Kingdom!  Our kids LOVE animals so I figured they would really enjoy Animal Kingdom :)
Everything went pretty well at the Animal Kingdom, no lost children this time!
The things we did:  Dinosaur ride, Expedition Everest ride, Safari ride, water rapids, It's tough to be a Bug show, Birds of Prey bird show, Dino dig site, Triceretop spin ride, flying triceratops, and more Dinosaur ride.  

The kids favorite thing was Everest, dino spin ride, and Dinosaur ride!

Clark and Lorna waiting while Daddy was in the Dinosaur ride with the older kids :)   

Clark by a cool fossil 

Clark and Lorna climbing

The older kids while we were waiting in line for the Everest ride

They had a ton of display stuff about Everest and the Yeti.  My favorite thing at the park was the yeti.  We bought one of the cute yeti ball stuffed animals for our souvenir!  

While on the African Safari ride we saw lots of animals...
like crocodiles


zebra and rhinos

ostriches and more!

There was a really cool dino play area.  The kids really loved it.  We were on constant watch for the kids to be sure we didn't lose any :)
So handsome!


After playing for a while Talmage found the dino dig area.  The kids really enjoyed this.  They spent a lot of time just digging up the cool mammoth fossils!

Lorna learning to fill up her own bucket of sand

All of the kids hard at work!

Love him!

One of our last rides was this triceratops ride... it was just like the Aladdin carpet ride.  I think it's funny to see how my girls pose for photos... Mhari especially.

too cute!

We ended the night with dinner and then headed out to relax at the hotel.  Our feet were worn out and ready for a break from all of the walking! 

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