Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Iced In

Last Thursday night an arctic cold front moved through Texas... well a large part of the United States, but it made it down to us, here in Texas :).  We got lots and lots of sleet.  The kids all called it snow, but it was really a nice thick sheet of ice.  As it's started to melt Grant made up a word for it, Snice - a mix of snow and ice.  The temps stayed below freezing for several days so there was little change in the layer of ice.  Schools cancelled and even church was cancelled on Sunday.  Schools still haven't reopened, but probably will tomorrow.  It was nice to relax at home and not have somewhere we had to be.  I must say it was nice to get out of the house yesterday, even if it was to replenish our food and shop for the birthday girl :).  

Here are some pics of the event.

Looking through the front windows

Our home covered in ice

kids enjoying playing in the ice

beautiful bug

The frozen trees.  Luckily none of our trees snapped with all of the ice.  

the backyard

Sunday we took a walk to break up the cabin fever.  The sidewalks were mostly clear, but still plenty of ice everywhere else.


Talmage and Grant

Hunny on the icy sidewalk.  This section is under some trees so it wasn't melting.  It was pretty solid

I like getting to experience winter more than we ever did in Phoenix, but I'm also sure glad when it melts and doesn't come back for a while ;).  

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