Tuesday, September 6, 2016

Investigating ... Armadillo?!

We have been planning on remodeling our kitchen, but we weren't sure what is happening at the corner.  The time had come to rip a hole in the sheet rock to investigate! 

Time for the pry bar and hammer!

We were glad to get to figure out some answers, but weren't happy with the results.  It turns out the beam doesn't go all of the way to the corner so we need a new beam.  It also turns out that the other wall is load bearing even though the house was built with trusses, they filled in that truss space with a spacer. 

When Jeff was bringing home Talmage from Seminary there was an armadillo in our yard.  He finally crossed the road in front of the car on his way to the neighbors house. 

Kind of a cool surprise at 7 am.  We have seen a lot of wildlife around our house!

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