Tuesday, September 27, 2016

Oh what do we do at the Zoo?

We have Dallas Zoo passes so we are tying to get into the habit of visiting the zoo again.  I saw a post from a friend about how her kids did a nature exchange at the zoo.  I looked into it and  I knew the kids would love it.  It also keeps us more motivated to go to the zoo. 
Before the exchange we walked around a bit and enjoyed some of the animals.  The cousins went too so that makes the trip even more fun!

When we went to the nature exchange the kids took turns turning in a piece of nature (rock, acorn, etc.) and sharing facts that they had researched about it.  They get more points for more facts as well as bringing in writing about it (like keeping a science journal).  All of the kids got points that they then can trade to get something else in the shop.  It was really cool to see the things that were available!  They are already preparing for the next zoo trip!

Koala cuteness

Tiffany and I in our matching Walking Dead shirts :)

Punkin, Bug, and Dog hanging out on the butterfly chair.

The Nature Exchange!

It was so great to see them learning so much from the naturalist! 

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