Monday, September 26, 2016

Pool boy!

This is our first time owning a pool.  It would be fun to have a pool boy to manage all of the pool needs, however, that's money we don't want to spend right now.  So instead of a pool boy, we all get to learn now to manage the pool ourselves.  It hasn't been easy either.  When we first moved in the pool was green because the owners had not had their pool boy coming.  That got sorted out, but it wasn't the end.  We have had problems keeping the pool blue and  bought and used lots of pool shock.  Then we killed the motor while we were out of town.  It was under warranty so that eventually got sorted out.  We also learned how to clean our filter and one of the screens had a hole in it which made the pool really have no chance to stay clean. 
We have a friend in the new ward that knows pool maintenance and has come to our rescue!  He was able to get the part we needed for a better price so that was awesome too!  Seriously we would not have a clue without Corey Buer helping us so much! 

Here is a before and after of the pool filter. It was our first time to see how nasty they are inside.  I guess this is normal, but still totally gross!

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