Wednesday, December 10, 2008

1 year old Punkin!

Our little Punkin is officially 1. We celebrated her birthday on Monday for family night. She was not sure what to do with the presents. By the last one I think she figured out to pull out the paper from the bags. She liked her presents, but still unsure of what was going on.

Here she is with her cake. The candle was very fascinating for her. I had to blow it out before she got close enough to actually touch it :).

Once the candle was gone she knew what to do... put the hand into the cake. She wasn't very aggressive, but did enjoy eating the cake. This was better than Sandra for her first birthday who wouldn't touch the cake (she was afraid of the candle), but not as good as Grant who went face first into his cake :).

It is strange to think that it's only been a year that she has been part of our family and yet at the same time wow, has it already been a year!? She is a good baby and becoming more independent all the time. She has started talking and repeating sounds so that is fun too. It's great to see babies learn and grow! Mhari is such a blessing to our family! Happy Birthday Punkin!


luvmykids said...

Happy Birthday Mhari! I can't believe she is one already! Crazy! Time flies when you are having fun!

Alli said...

Happy Birthday! She is darling! First birthdays are so fun :)