Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Happy Birthday Chica!

This week we celebrated Sandra's 3rd birthday. She is growing up quite quickly! When we were picking out what kind of cake she wanted she said she wanted a cookie cake. I thought that was a good idea, since we may be all caked out by the end of the month with 3 dec birthdays. I went through different kinds of cookies to see which kind she wanted and she said "Sugar!" when I mentioned sugar cookies. I don't know if she just liked the idea of sugar or if she really knew what sugar cookies are. Either way it worked out well.

We made one really big heart for the cake and a little cookie 3 to go on it. When picking frosting color I wasn't surprised that she chose pink. She is very girly!

She enjoyed eating the cookie, and getting messy. Making cookie cakes may be a new tradition in our home :)

She was so ecstatic to open her presents. She gave the best expressions and every time she said "It's Mine!" I guess we need to work on our thank yous.

Sandra loves dresses so I made her a new pajama dress, a leopard print jumper and a play skirt. She loved opening them up. At the end of the present opening she wanted to try on every clothing item she had received.

The last clothing item that she wore for quite some time and then all the next day was a dress up Cinderella dress, shoes, crown, and scepter that her Grandma Whitmer gave her. She had a great time being Cinderella. She is always dressing with blankets around her to be a princess so it's good that she has actual dress up clothes now! Sandra is a great girl and so creative. We just love our little Chica!


Machelle said...

She is priceless. Cookie cakes are good!!!

Anonymous said...

Looking back at all you do, I am always in awe of you. Happy Birthday's are in order, and congras on your first home-always a big thing! Love it all, love your family, we really have to get together more.

Tink said...

Mmm, cookie cake. It looks awesome! Her face opening presents is priceless. Aren't kids fun? (:

luvmykids said...

Ooh, that cookie cake looked so yummy! The pj jumper looks beautiful! You are such a great mom! Sandra, you make a beautiful Cinderella! Happy Birthday!