Friday, December 19, 2008

Daddy Time

We are so happy to have Daddy around again! He is between semesters at school (still waiting on grades) and so we have had so much great Daddy time! It is funny to me that Daddy gets a lot of quality sleeping time with the kids. Sandra has been napping more these days anyways :). They were so cute together!

Then Mhari found them. She loves Sandra's bed (which Sandra is not happy about) and having Daddy in it made it even more fun to wake everyone up!

Grant is a true Daddy's boy. He just loves him. Jeff has been taking the boys to school and then picking up Grant from school (Talmage is part of a carpool) so that's been even more Daddy time! Grant has been to the auto store, tire store, and home depot with Daddy. They have sheds picked out and Ford trucks too. I'm not sure if it's brain washing, but Daddy did tell Grant and Talmage to tell me that we need a shed in our backyard. I'm sure they are ganging up on me! I don't have a problem with it, it just comes down to the money... always money.
Anyway, Grant has decided that everyday when he gets home Daddy and he need to lay down together for a while. They were napping on our bed earlier today too. It is so sweet to see them bond like that!

Then there is our Punkin! She is doing so great with Jeff. She will go to him and play and laugh. She was having a great time being thrown up in the air too. She still prefers Mommy, but she says "Dada" now. I just love it when they play well with Daddy and don't just love me.

Here they are on top of Daddy. I told Jeff that he doesn't look as happy in this photo. Then he reminded me that He had over 130 lbs on him. I guess that will weigh you down. When they are that cute I don't know if the weight really matters :).

We love Daddy and we are so grateful that we have had some extra special Daddy time! We aren't looking forward to another busy semester, but the faster they come the faster they go. Even though life gets busy Jeff tries to spend some special time with us. I love all that Jeff does for our family and what a wonderful father he is to our kids!


luvmykids said...

Those are wonderful pictures! What a great daddy!

Katie Busken said...

There's nothing like a good dog pile on dad! Enjoy him while you've got him! Merry Christmas Sharla. said...

I love daddy pics! You need to snapfish all of these into a book for Father's Day!:):):)