Friday, December 5, 2008

Grateful for Indians

I forgot to post my cute picture of Talmage as an Indian from before Thanksgiving. They did a "thanksgiving feast", which was really a glorified snack, but they all got to bring something to share and practice their manners. Parents weren't invited so no photos of that. They did get to dress up though and wore their outfits all day. Talmage's Indian name was "Little Turtle". He said he picked it because he likes animals.
I'm planning all of these wonderful ideas to post, but nothing has happened yet to do it. I have some elves to talk about as well as upcoming birthday/holiday stuff. We are also getting closer to finals being done :), as well as going out of town. Life is busy, but going good. Grant has ear infections, but feeling better now. I may do another reality post, just so you can get a feel of some of the craziness, but then again, if I get around to it :).
I am grateful for wonderful kids to love and teach. I also am grateful for a dedicated caring husband. It really all comes down to those relationships. I have great family and friends and a warm safe home. There are so many things to be appreciative of everyday!


Williams Family said...

Talmage looks so old. I can't believe it. They do so many fun things while they are in school.

Tink said...

That is so stinkin' cute! Did you make that costume, or did they make it at school? I'm going to totally steal that idea!!! (:

Packii Spouts Nonsense said...

Teehee, that's a nice costume. And Talmage does look rather old... I think he's going to be a very handsome boy. =] But what am I saying? all of your children are gorgeous.

Sharla said...

They made it at the school, but it's just a pillow case that is cut out for arms, head and an opening in front and then frayed. Totally easy, but way cute! The animal prints are sponge stamps that the teacher had. The indian dresses for the girls were cute too!