Saturday, March 14, 2009

Book Worms

My kids really enjoy "reading" books. Talmage reads really well, Grant is picking up the easy words and Sandra loves to pretend and learn from the pictures. If she knows the story well enough she will tell it to herself while she reads. They even take books to bed with them until they are ready to fall asleep. Mhari has even started taking books with her to bed!
We surprised Talmage and ordered (thanks grandma) some books from the school booklet last week. Talmage had asked for a science reader set and a few others. It was hard for me to not get him the books - wouldn't that be stifling his interests. I know we can go to the library more and such, but the investment could be worth it (library books are expensive to replace).

Talmage got them Friday, just in time for spring break. Here is a sample of the books he came home with.

That night he read them all! Everyone has been having a fabulous time reading. The house has been much quieter than usual :).

Aren't they so cute!

If nothing else the money was well spent on some good quiet time! I guess investing in books has lots of rewards :).
Yeah for reading!


The Gee Six said...

I love getting new books. There's something about actually OWNING the books that makes my kids more interested. We'll check out a whole pile from the library that they are excited about . . . until we get home. Then they sit on our shelf for 3 weeks until they're due.

I love the cute pics of your kids reading! Yay for quiet time!

luvmykids said...

We love getting new books! Especially books that involve the different holidays. That does look like a quiet house. :)

Katie Busken said...

What cute pictures of everyone reading! I was just talking with Riley about how we can't wait for the summer reading program at the library. Your kids would be racking up the points. I feel bad for your husband--law books are definitely not as exciting as science books!