Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Glasses and Stickers

Talmage's glasses have been a big deal since we shopped for them. Sandra loved trying the ones in the store on and now pretends to have glasses, like her brother. Hers are sunglasses, but if you ask her they are her "glasses" (not sunglasses). She tries to wear them all the time - even at night. It's really quite cute :). She goes through times of loosing them, but once she finds them they are back on her face. Maybe this is good preparation for when she actually will need glasses!

Here she is at lunch today modeling the glasses for me.

Another cute story is Sandra and her stickers. All the kids received books of stickers from their grandma recently. They have had a fabulous time putting them on the bunk bed, each other, their papers, and the floor - well they end up there anyway. Sandra really loves her sticker book. She will get them and go around giving them to everyone. She tells me I do a good job and that I need a sticker. Maybe the kids do recognize all the hard work mommy does after all :). Sunday after church she had given me several and then told me she was going to go give some to Daddy - who was asleep on the living room floor.

When I went out later Jeff was covered in stickers - his shirt and arms. Too funny. She would say "Daddy you get a sticker" and then he would mumble an "ok". She did this several times and then I guess she said she was going to put one on his eyelid. He objected enough that time I think she may have left him alone after that. Later when he was fully awake he saw the sticker count and realized he had ended up with more than the few he remembered. It was very cute. I wish I had taken a picture! He had a fireside that night to attend and he left them on... what a good daddy!

Sandra is a sweetie. She gets along pretty well with her brothers and calls them "my boys". She is learning to share with Mhari, enjoys teaching her new things, and helping feed her. She likes hugs and kisses, and at night she usually asks for butterfly kisses. We just love her! What a great little chica!


The Gee Six said...

I will never understand kids' fascination with stickers. It's how I keep Kelsey quiet sometimes at church. Unfortunately, once I got up to bear my testimony and forgot I had them on until I had sat down. Kids are so fun!

Mother of 4, Caregiver of 10 said...

Every time I turn around there are stickers on the carpet, tile, and walls. I was tired of having to scrape sticker goo off of things so out of frustration I banned stickers. Now every time I buy fruit the kids steal the sticker and now I find fruit stickers stuck to everything. A little warning - If you mop over a fruit sticker with the swiffer and it dries it is impossible to get up after that.

Tink said...

My kids never really got into stickers, but I'm fine with that. My scrapbooking supplies are safe, hee hee! (:

Sandra is such a cutie! I love to read about the things she does. And look at how those bangs have grown out - hooray!

Janda said...

Totally love the glasses! Hey, I will give you the recipe to that cake if you want. So what do you guys think of the Central plan? Crazy, huh? Love catchin up with the kids, at least we get to see them grow from far away. We love you guys!

clicker59 said...

That figures concerning those stickers especially with children at Sandra's age we went through that with Kariann Craig's oldest daughter Hannah at that age so I do understand about sticking stickers on furniture. And that is cute of Sandra wearing her sunglasses while while eating her lunch and I do understand about losing her sunglasses I lost my glasses where they were suppose to be on my bed side table and there were times I seen them fall in my trash as going to bed but as several times so the last time I lost them and couldn't find them I figured what happened but I did get them replaced last summer LOL but I still lose them since then I removed that trash can and I still manage to lose them in my room but am able to find them ha ha ha ha