Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Knowledge is Power!

Over the holidays I inherited a old sewing machine. Let's just say mine wasn't the greatest quality and this one was available - after my hubby asked about it for me. My new friend, Bernina, came home with us. Well, let's just say that it's one thing to have one and another thing to know how to use one! I really didn't have a clue what to do with her at first.

I took a class on how to use this beast (and yes she is a sewing beast) and man it's amazing what a little knowledge can do!

Look at all the samples/swatches that I did and learned about! There are lots of little accessories that make this machine so cool! I had a great teacher who took the time to show me some neat tricks for girls clothes too (she sewed for her daughters when they were little too).

Now to the really fun stuff! Now that I was armed with all this new knowledge I was able to get a few projects done... quickly and relatively easily!

I had inherited this dress from a friend months ago. It was sewn mostly together, but missing some necessities to be wearable. I was able to do the buttons and button holes (well I hand sewed the buttons on), added a ruffle to be sure it's long enough and my little one doesn't out grow it too fast, and put together the bloomers! I used 4 of the things I learned in my class just finishing this outfit. I must say that I think it turned out cute too! Mhari enjoyed trying it on too - she'll be so cute for church!

My other project was for me. I know, something for me (other than a bag), when have I finished one of those projects. I guess I did make myself new pj pants for Christmas (along with the rest of the family), but seriously I never make me anything to wear... well, finish it anyway.

I have been walking most mornings with some friends who live in the neighborhood. We each have 2/3 kids with us so we are more like a stroller brigade. I'm sure it's pretty funny to watch :). Well, I don't have anything cute to "work out" in. I decided I would make me some walking shorts (capris). I had this knit material and now I knew how to use it!

I was so excited to wear them on Tuesday!

The pattern had pockets on the side and I originally wasn't going to make them - too much hassle, but then I figured that if I actually made them then they wouldn't look so "home made." They weren't really that bad to make and I think they did the trick! I got to use my stretch stitch (for materials that stretch, oh knit can be the worst!) and I even used my hidden seam stitch! It was so fun and easy make these! I think using what I learned made it even funner!
I'm glad I got to receive such an awesome machine and even learn how to make it work to my advantage! Older can be so much better!
*** On a side note - sorry to grandparents for not having kids in these photos. I will try to make up for it soon :).
*** Also, I'm not one to brag, but this is stuff I'm doing so I thought I'd share - this is not intended to be a brag fest, just something cool I learned.
*** Lastly - wow, I can't believe I just posted pictures of my hips! Sorry for the exposure! The pants just didn't look like pants when they weren't being worn or I would've taken photos of them like that. I'm glad I'm in a skinny (nonbaby) phase of life, but still not a shot I would usually ever share! I apologize for any offensive material in the above photographs (maybe this warning should've been at the beginning of this post) - :)


The Gee Six said...

Wow, I am impressed. Those pants look awesome! I would have never guessed that you made them. Pretty much anything I sew looks like I made it. Who am I kidding? It normally looks like one of my kids made it. Way to go! (Oh, and pshaw on the "offensive" pictures. You are silly!)

Amanda said...

What hips Sharla you look great!

A Tale of Two said...

I'm impressed! Those really look like you bought them. The pockets were a nice touch.

J and C said...

I think the pants look great! And you look fab in them!

I might have to get some sewing tips. I have a Bernins too, but I don't know if mine does all the wonderful things yours can do (mine is the newer cheaper type, so it may not, but I still may need to bring it over- oops is that me inviting myself over?). I would especailly love to know how to do that curly-que quilting stitch.

I think I must be sort of in the "nesting" zone, because all I can think about is crafting, making stuff and oraganizing. Thanks for all the wonderful inspiration! I LOVE it!

luvmykids said...

Amazing talent there! What hips? Those pants look awesome!

Machelle said...

Sharla, a blog can be anything you want to share. It's not bragging, it showing accomplishments. It inspires others to do the same. Nothing you have written has been offensive. If anything it is showing self reliance which is what we have been asked to learn. Okay, I am preaching but I am dang proud of you and the pants are awesome. You did a fabulous job. I have been sewing for 30 something years and am still afraid of knits. KUDOS

Jaime and Brent said...

GO YOU!!! I am very impressed. It takes a lot of patience to sew. Good Job:)

clicker59 said...

That photo of those close you sews along with you sewing machine reminds me of a friend my mother has known for the past 47 years she was a sewer and she was 1 of those people that has this knack on measuring those elastics for children's clothes like those those little 2 piece sun suits that she made for me and Tammy and her 2 daughters when we were little when I told my home ed teacher about that at the age of 15 when I was a resident at Abilene State School I discovered that she did the same thing LOL.