Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Spring weather

Welcome to windy spring... Texas Style!
The wind is blowing and we are having nice warm days (mostly, then freezing then warm, I said Texas style) and the kids are enjoying the backyard!

Mhari has been so funny. She loves the slide. She loves the big swing, but doesn't hang on well yet and only swings slowly for now. She also loves the basketball hoop! No, she can't throw it in yet, but she loves to dunk! With a little help from Mommy of course. She says "mama" and so I had to get her to say "up". She says it now, but it just sounds more like a grunt than "up." We are progressing with her vocabulary anyway :).

Here she is ready to go up!

Sometimes with sisters they want the same ball. . . so then there are fits to be had...

By both girls... so sad.

Then we recover and it's time to play ball again! Sandra does well with it down low. Also a reason for the fit earlier. I'm working on teaching her to throw it in instead of just dunk it. She is learning well.

Here are some pictures of her shooting the ball :).

This was done while Talmage was still at school so we missed out on him this time around (he has had several posts recently just about him so I didn't feel too bad).
Grant is also quite talented, but it's hard to capture with the camera so there is a video to enjoy of him as well :). You can also hear the wonderful wind we enjoy most days around here. I've got to invest in a kite or something. It's the perfect weather for it! ~ oh and a video of Sandra too :)
Anyways, How is your spring weather coming along? Kids loving being out again? Mommies loving the kids being out? I have always loved spring!


Aubrey said...

That picture of Sandra just made me smile! I love the giant red bows and the really sad face. I think I can relate!

Anonymous said...

I forbid you from talking about any fabulous weather. Living in Oregon we have a small window of opportunity. If it weren't for the weather, Oregon would be perfect but the rain just keeps going. So it was freezing today and tried to snow. So all your warm playing outside talk makes me sad. I guess some kids somewhere being able to play outside is good though.

Mother of 4, Caregiver of 10 said...

The other day my kids woke up and decided we needed to fly a kite, but we didn't have one. Then later that day it seemed like every kid in our neighborhood was flying one, my kids were not happy.