Saturday, February 28, 2009

Jungle Tunes!

Talmage had his first school program! The kindergarten did Jungle Music presentation last week. It was so cute! This is a shot of the whole group. Talmage is in the white shirt on the far right.

This is when they were doing the song for "Five Little Monkeys."

Here he is doing his "Two Talking Toucans" song. His little fingers are being a toucan :).

Talmage is not one to sing in front of people. He is finally starting to sing in primary after having been in it for over 3 years now! Out of all the programs they could have done I'm grateful it was about animals and that Talmage was willing to participate. He did a great job!
(on a side note... he the first in line in his class and his class came out first... so cute to see my little boy come out in front of everyone!


westen and ladawn said...

Oh school fun!! I love his glasses they look great on him!:)

luvmykids said...

Congrats on the first program! How exciting!