Tuesday, February 24, 2009


We have acquired some chickens from some friends. They had too many and we were interested in having some hens (for the "free" eggs aspect). Jeff was a good sport and put together a hen house Saturday and Monday nights (instead of the homework he could have been doing). It was a good thing because we got the 6 hens Monday night. We weren't sure with the transition how long it would be to get eggs, but we got 3 today!!! Two of them are pretty big too. I'm excited to cook them and see how yummy they are.

The kids were very excited to let them out to explore the yard. The hens had been waiting all day to get out and I was impressed with how well they did (not flying away and all).
Here's Jeff letting them out and Grant loving watching them!

They loved eating the grass and finding the bugs. It was like a feast! All the kids loved them and the boys started naming them. I can't remember all of them but I'll share the ones I can - Goldy (she's yellow), Henny, Clawy, and Reddy.

Mhari had an especially fun time with them and I've added a video for you to enjoy if you keep scrolling down :)

Here is one drinking... too fun!

Talmage petting his favorite hen. This is a good photo to show that they really are quite fast. This one was really nice though and will let us pet it for the most part.

That's our new excitement. We are turning into a farm... if you want to feel country come on by! At least I feel like we are working on becoming more self reliant :). Hopefully the hens will be good pets for the kids as well as provide some great hormone free eggs!


Amanda said...

Way Cool, We've been wanting to get chickens but we need to get rid of one of our dogs first. Good luck with your hens!

Alli said...

We've had our 4 chickens for about a year now and they've been wonderful! The kids love them and the eggs are great. Be prepared for poop everywhere :)

luvmykids said...

How fun! They should be pretty easy pets right? You guys are kind of turning into a mini farm.

Christy said...

It's nice to have chickens. We've had our 6 for two years and they're still laying strong. They're great for pest control too. It's a win-win situation!

J and C said...

Oh I am so jealous! I have wanted to have hens for YEARS! You will have to tell me how it goes, cuz I seriously want to do it. (my only problems, are my neighbors awful barking dogs, it would probably scare the poor things to death) I want to know it all so stop me at church so we can chat!

(not only are the eggs great, but the chicken "manure" is that what you'd call it? is great for gardens!!)

nellsq said...

We want chickens some day. Randy grew up with fresh eggs and they are the best. Hopefully....maybe....we will benefit and be able to try a few:)
Happy egg hunting!