Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Sewing projects... completed!

Here are some finished projects!!!

I made my girls matching skirts. I have had this material since Sandra was a baby and I just figured out what to do with it (after I found it again). This is the first time I've made them matching outfits. It was fun :). Sandra loves when I make things for her and Mhari was having a great time with her skirt too.

Here they are before church the other week. Trying to get a photo of the two girls was not easy. Let's just say that 1 year olds are not that cooperative and don't always want to be standing by their sister for a picture... at least that was Mhari's opinion.

I think the material worked as a skirt. It would be a little too much pink as a dress.

A few weeks back I got together with my friend who has some awesome bag patterns. I made this one at her house with her help (thanks again Amanda!). I just had some finishing touches to do when I left (because I had to get Grant from school). This is now my huge church bag! It fits the stuff for my lesson as well as all the kid's necessities. It's been a while since I've only had 1 bag at church! It works so great!

I also wanted to use her smaller bag pattern for a purse. I don't have a small tote purse, or at least, I wanted to make another one :). I went through my material the other week and found this cute blue plaid. Since I do love blue and there was coordinating gray I figured it would make a great bag. It was harder than I planned (since I tried to not do as instructed), but eventually worked out. There are cute ties on the side, inside pockets (not pictured), and then the outside pocket with button closure!

I must say that I felt very accomplished by the end of this bag. Here is the side with the button closure :). I plan on making another for a friend and expect it to go much easier (because I'll follow the instructions).
Those are some recent updates around here. I enjoy accomplishing things, but sometimes the struggle doesn't seem worth it at the time :). Good thing I think they turn out cute when it's all done.


randivon said...

I totally saw your bag on Sunday and was going to ask if you made it. But it was so dog on cute that I thought you must have bought it. And I had just asked about your shoes so I did not want it to seem like I was drawing attention to things you had bought. So I did not ask. BUT, I am now saying that this is amazing! Wow! You ladies rock! :-)

Anonymous said...

Oh wow! Again I really, really, really wished you lived close and could teach me to sew. Oh, well one day. I really love those skirts and the bags. All are so cute.

Machelle said...

Hey Sharla,
Love the bags. I have accumulated a few bag patterns myself. I havent even tried to sew mine. I guess I better get out that cute bag fabric I had waiting for over a year now. GREAT job, you're so talented.

Katie Busken said...

I love the skirts for your girls! I love it when siblings match. And the bags look great. I need to find someone who can give me some patterns to try.

Jaime and Brent said...

So Cute! Good job! It is so hard to find time to sit down and actually get something done for you. The skirts are really cute and so are the bags:)

Williams Family said...

great job. I wish you were closer and we could sew together! looks like you are having fun. Great job again!

luvmykids said...

Nice Job! I love the skirts!

Tink said...

You are so amazingly talented! I love the skirts and cute bags!! (: