Saturday, February 14, 2009

Bows for Bag!

This is the bag I just finished for my friend. I think it turned out cute :). I would like to start by saying that she provided the fusible fleece to make this bag possible so I wasn't doing it just out of the kindness of my heart.

Also, my friend makes girl hair bows and offered an exchange. Sounded like a deal to me! I took the week to work on the bag and it went much easier this time around. I finished today and figured if we swapped I could have new bows for church tomorrow!

Mhari had a fabulous time with all the bows! She had me keep putting them in her hair. I'm surprised her thin little hairs could hold that many bows! I think we had 10 in at one point. It also looked like a bow hawk (mo-hawk)! It turned into a game of take bows out and put them in, but it kept her entertained so I didn't complain.

Here is the top of her head view. This is just a sample of the bows that I took home. I think I totally scored with the trade! I love the bows! Thanks again Shannon. If anyone else wants to make a trade let me know :). I need to build up on more fusible fleece now though, bummer. I should probably buy my own pattern instead of just use my friends if I'm going to offer to make them for people too. (I will also sell them, if you don't want to trade a service.) I think it's been fun to create bags and may be investing in some different patterns as well.


luvmykids said...

You did a wonderful job on that bag! The bows are beautiful and look great in her hair. I love bows!

Anonymous said...

I'm just blogging again, and my, my I've missed a ton. 1st way cute bows and bag (you sow?!)J/K. 2nd I was looking at those skirts on Sunday and thought how cute, it was the first time I didn't ask if you made it and I'm kicking myself for not asking.
3rd Your bunny died? It was just the other day I thought you got it-less then a year right? I'm sorry, it's hard on kids, but a great learning time for the gospel.
4th I'm sad I missed the ice storm.
I think that's all, I'm a caught up yet?