Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Ice Day!

We had some really cold icy weather last week. The kids had a "snow day" because of it too. When Talmage came in that morning he said "It snowed!" And, well, yes, it did look like snow; however, it was all ice. Sandra even found some ice from the slide that she could turn into slush and throw at Jeff and me. I loved watching them "ice skate" the best. That little brick pad was a good little rink. We don't get too many days like this and no it wasn't snow, but the kids still had a blast! Jeff was even home because of the ice and retrieved icicles from the roof for the kids. They really enjoyed collecting the icicles and then watching them melt in a cup inside! We have had 80 degree weather since that time and it seems to change every day. The fun Texas weather is never predictable!


Alli said...

That's funny that they canceled school and everything. It looks like good cold fun!

Jaime and Brent said...

So fun! I always wanted a snow day growing up. Cute pics, looks like fun!

Machelle said...

Awesome, its a snow day and they get to stay home and ice skate. I love it.