Saturday, March 28, 2009

Saturday Adventure

It is freezing cold today! Weather in Texas is an adventure. You never know what you are going to get (seriously the weathermen never know - or are not accurate anyway).
Today Jeff is off studying and working on a paper for school so I get to enjoy my 4 kids alone. Normally not a big deal on Saturday, but I hadn't gotten around to grocery shopping and now had to haul the whole gang with me, bummer.

We bundled up this morning (since it was still in the 30's) and got everyone ready to head out ~

Aren't they cute. They each (accept Mhari) got their own list to help me be sure we got everything we needed. (That is how Mhari folds her arms... so cute!)
Overall the trip was good and not that crazy. Well, as not crazy as it can be with 4 kids 6 and under at the grocery store. The girls did good the boys helped out lots and we made it home in under an hour! I was pleased and now we have food. The outing was a success! Since everyone did well (and it was on sale and and I still had money left over) we bought ice cream for dessert tonight. We may not be eating it until tomorrow though, when it's almost 70 degrees again. Now I just need to enjoy the rest of the day inside with these little busy bodies!
Anybody have fun crazy Saturday Adventures to share?


Mother of 4, Caregiver of 10 said...

Our Saturdays are always busy. We were supposed to go to the parade this morning, but it was too cold. We already been to two birthday parties today. We also have to move the shed today and I usually try to get a shopping trip in on Saturday, but I may skip it and go on Monday.

clicker59 said...

That is a cute photo. You are as bad as me where using a camera is concern right now Shannon Melgar got my Blog set up under ChattyChristy that's it is how it is spelled I look for my blog but as soon as it is shows up it is it is spelled ChattyChristie the way I spell my name off line. A soon as I can get somebody that knows what they are doing I will put my photos up. Oh love those caps lock where when I start to post something I hit the caps lock with out realizing this half of the time ha ha ha ha. As I started to say while I was baby sitting for Shannon I took a photo of Sarah's home made eye chart.

Katie Busken said...

I am impressed! It's hard enough for me to go shopping with two. What a good idea to give eveyone a list to keep them busy!