Thursday, June 17, 2010

Hair Do's!

The girls really want long hair (Sandra especially). Last week when I went through some material I gave the girls some lace pieces to play with. They turned them into their long hair! Too funny. Sandra wore them for a few days and was very happy with her long hair. It will be a while before either of them have hair that long on their own!

A few weeks ago after a shower Grant was combing his hair and making it spikey. I mentioned to him that he looked like a procupine. We all thought it was funny, but I didn't think anything more about it. I should have known it would not stop there with how much he loves animals! From that day on he has been trying to spike his hair. After enough effort on his part I decided to help him out with some gel and even a little bit of blow drying (his hair is not made to poke up).

Here he is last Sunday for church. He really just likes the front spikey now and will even chose days when he doesn't want it spikey! Who knew I could have a boy who was so concerned about his looks... this young! Crazy kid :).

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Shay said...

Cute kids Sharla! They are growing up too fast!