Saturday, June 5, 2010

Memorial Day Swimming!

For Memorial Day we spent the evening at our friends house to enjoy their new above ground pool! It was a nice hot day and it was great to be in water! The kids had a blast!

Talmage did really well getting flipped into the water!

Mommy became Mhari's human floaty :)

Sandra swimming in her floaty.

Grant with his stained face - from the liquid jello we brought to share :).

Mhari got a good red face too!

It's always nice to enjoy the holidays with friends and let the kids enjoy the water :).


Remodelaholic said...

Those jello mustaches are hilarious!

Machelle said...

So fun!!! By the way...the wedding will probably be 12/18 or 1/1

Tink said...

Looks like a great way to spend the holiday! Nothing like swimming to kick off the summer!

Cindy Killebrew said...

I love the red faces! Swimming is so much fun!