Saturday, June 26, 2010

Clark has arrived!

Here is the Clark birth story :).

I had a specialist appointment the morning of the 21st.  I was just to go in for a non stress test monitoring and they did ultrasound.  I was scheduled to meet with my doctor for my next appointment.  These baby appointments had gotten so crazy that I was in twice a week and getting lots of ultrasounds.  I was worn out and so tired of sitting in waiting rooms.  Monitoring isn't that bad, but it just turns into more time.  Seriously if I hadn't gone into labor the double appointments was going to do me in!

Everything looked good that day so I was happy.  I had been feeling contractions and really wanted to be checked, but since that's not the ultrasound persons job I didn't ask.  It would have been cool to know though.  The best part of this appointment was that Clark was in the right position to actually get some good pictures.  The tech was able to pull out the 3-D monitor and get some great face shots!  Clark was usually so uncooperative that this was a treat.  He usually had his hands in his face so we never had great photos from the ultrasounds.  I love that I was able to see his face inside me the same day or so that he was born.  Seriously cool!

That night my contractions started and I just went about life.  I actually started making dinner and getting things done like usual.  During dinner I could tell that this was only getting stronger and that we were probably going to go to the hospital.  I called our friend Lisa, who was able to come take care of the kids.  Jeff and I headed out to the hospital about 7 pm that night.  I was actually excited that we would have our baby so soon and actually really worried that they would send me home because I wasn't really in labor, or try to slow labor since I was only 36 weeks along. 

We arrived at the hospital and they checked us in.  We waited if they would admit us.  I had been squatting with my contractions and really felt like things were going well.  By the time the nurse checked me I was dilated to a 6!  That was fabulous news!  That meant that we were in fact in labor and wouldn't be sent home!  I was also far enough along that they weren't worried about me delivering "early".  My body was still on twin cycle so that is probably why I went into labor when I did. 

My doctor wasn't available so we were left with the doctor on call.  I was excited to get this labor done since this was the farthest I had ever progressed on my own.  After getting checked into a room and hooked up to IV's things started slowing down.  I was bummed.  I wanted to keep squatting and moving and progressing.  I did tell the nurse to break my water and the baby would be here within an hour.  She wasn't allowed to do that and we were waiting on the doctor.  She finally did come by and check on me.  She even broke my water and things started getting serious. 

Clark still waited until the next day to join us.  He was born at 12:30 am on June 22nd.  He was so tiny!  I couldn't believe how little he was!  Jeff and I were commenting on his size while he was getting cleaned up.  The number came in at 7 lb 14 oz. and the doctor told me that I just gave birth to a 8 lb preemie.  When she said it like that our Clark didn't seem too small anymore.  It is crazy that he was born at 36 weeks and was almost 8 lbs.  If I had gone full term he could have been 10 lbs like Mhari.  The other crazy thing is that I still had the other baby left to "deliver" too.  He really didn't have as much room as a normal baby would have and he still grew really well! 

Clark is a sweet little boy!  We are so happy to have him here with us and I'm feeling so good!  He did have some jaundice, but nothing too scary.  He didn't need to be under lights and we will just continue to follow up on his levels and leave him by the window for light. 
 We are home and trying to adjust to life again. Having a little baby is fun, yet tiring :). He is so cute and small. It has been strange to have such a little one, especially after Mhari! Overall life is going well and we are looking forward to not worrying about jaundice issues. He follows up next week and hopefully we won't have any more problems. He also lost weight and they want to be sure that he is gaining it back again. This is odd for me, a small baby, that can't keep weight! He eats well so I'm not too concerned about it. He'll be nice and plump before long.

I've had some fun taking pictures of my sweet baby...

I may be biased, but I think he's just beautiful!

Look at those feet - long and skinny!

Such little hands!

And here are some of the other pictures of our newest addition!

Sponge bath! June 26th

 July 4th :) 
July 8th - Bath time!
All clean!



Machelle said...

Oh my goodness he is so handsome Sharla and Jeff. Congrats again.

EmpressOfAllSheSurveys said...

Sooooo sweet and cute! The only one cuter is Simon, but I'm biased :-) Congratulations and get some SLEEP!!!

Rice Family said...

He IS definitely beautiful!

Katy B. said...

Great job you two! He is beyond adorable.:):):)

A Tale of Two said...

Way cute, congrats again!

The Ziegler Family said...

Very handsome. Congratulations to you all and I am glad you are feeling well.

Cindy Killebrew said...

He is so beautiful! What a sweet baby to add to your wonderful family!