Thursday, June 10, 2010

Kitty ... Boots!

Last week Sandra was sitting in the rocking chair with her big red blanket. Mhari decided it looked like a good place to nap... like a little kitty by Sandra's feet. She got her pillow first to be sure she was comfortable :).

Daddy has some big work boots for when he's working outside. He left them out after a hard days work and the girls found them...

Mhari looked really cute in the huge boots!

Trying to walk in them was tricky... those things are heavy!

Mhari put them on her hands and walked like an animal. That was pretty funny. Then Sandra had to have a turn too...

Silly kids. I think it's funny how entertaining shoes can be. Sometimes I think I have a house full of animals instead of children :).

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Rice Family said...

What ADORABLE little girls you have! I can't believe how old Mhari seems now. When we moved she still seemed like a baby!