Monday, June 28, 2010

Hair Don'ts!

I feel like I'm reliving the horror or 2 years ago... only with a different child! Sandra did something similar to this, however much more drastic, 2 years ago. I guess it's Mhari's turn to experiment with sissors and hair. I have been much more cautious this time around and even tried to not let her learn how to use scissors, whereas Sandra was a pro with sissors by this age (which is why her hair looked so much worse).
OK - let's get on with it... A week or so ago all of the family was upstairs playing/watching a movie and then I noticed that Mhari wasn't there. I sent Grant downstairs to check on her. He said she was in my bathroom and that he didn't know what she was doing. When she came up I didn't think anything of it. Later when I went to use the bathroom I saw the sissors and the hair evidence on the floor. I knew this was bad! I do have part of the blame since I did leave the sissors unattended in my bathroom (where she doesn't belong in the first place).

Here's her handiwork -
Can you tell? She got the chunk of bangs right where her hair parts. Bummer spot to try to grow out, but much less traumatic than Sandra's cutting adventure.

Here's the top view to give you a better feel of where the "chunks" were taken from.

The fix...

Another part of the fix - headbands. Well, she may not wear one very often, but it did help to hide the bald patch. She looks very grown up with all those bangs.
And just because Sandra had to be in the picture, and I wanted to show how much her hair has grown in the last 2 years .... Here are my 2 beautiful girls ready for church :)
I hope this is the last of the hair catastrophes in our home... but somehow I'm not holding my breath on that!


Rice Family said...

Oh Sharla! At least it's not as bad as Sandra's "experiment". I must say, she looks very cute in the pictures. :)

Cindy Killebrew said...

I like the bangs! She does look very grown up. She and Sandra look SO much alike.

Alli said...

Every little girl has to do that at least once. My sister cut her eyelashes :) Good job with the bangs, she looks great!

Machelle said...

I am so thankful Bridgette never tried this. Oh the fun sorry I am giggling.