Sunday, September 19, 2010

Arkansas - Crater of Diamonds

The last adventure from the trip in Arkansas. We stopped off at Crater of Diamonds state park to dig for Diamonds. Supposedly they have found some good size diamonds here over the years. It is the 8th largets diamond reserve in the world. You pay to get in and then walk to the plowed field. Some people are quite serious about searching. We were not. We had plastic shovels and buckets from Walmart. They don't dig in the hard dirt so well.

Us staking out our territory for digging.

Talmage alone digging in the dirt with a real tool. Someone left a small pick by the sign so he picked it up and began to use it. Wow what a difference. $1 tools from Walmart were wearing out fast. Good job Talmage. I just hope the owner did not look for it while we used it.

Wee Chica...she did all sorts of things but I can't remember of anything helpful. She would wander some, play some more, and want better tools. She helped Punkin some by filling my sifter with dirt.

I showed Grant how to dig in the dirt with a rock...more effective for sure. He like to dig holes but did not sift for rocks too much.

Wee Punkin playing. She would fill my cheap sifting shovel continuously. It made sifting more difficult but she had fun.

We stayed for only 30-45 minutes and this is what we ended up with. Grant found the bigger white looking thing. I then added whatever else did not look like dirt. Despite our hopes and prayers of finding a huge diamond to make life more financially bearable (student loans and no job yet) we found nothing valuable. Maybe next time?


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