Sunday, September 19, 2010

Rough Days

How bad was Wednesday??? I have been trying to make it on my older pair of tires until after the Feburary Bar exam. Needless to say that did not happen. Three weeks ago my front tire went almost totally flat at school. I had no desire to change the tire. It was not completely flat yet so I drove the 12 miles home on the freeway. Next day got tires (cheap)... My back two tires were still in good shape. Surely they would last. Nope. Wednesday morning the car felt a little odd while taking Chica to school. I guessed it was a tire but continued on determined to get Chica to school on time. After having a low tire, a completely flat tire, ripping off my hub cap, and then extreme shaking in the car I finally stopped 100 yards shy from the school. Chica was only 5 minutes late to school. I then had to get two more tires (cheap)

Same day...driving home from the church in Gus to help Sharla clean out the Primary cabinets I seemed to have entered the garage quicker than normal and did not stop in time. The "animal killer" front end pushed a car ramp through the wall. It is about 1 foot wide and 2 feet tall. Below is the damage. It was such a great day I almost did not tempt fate and go to school...but I did.

Friday and Saturday was spent replacing my neigbor's fence. He bought the material and so far I have provided the labor. It can't be that hard, besides I got to wear my hat. Follow the progression of the pictures to see how it went.
Starting out. Small hole. Seeing how bad this might be.

Not too bad yet. Whip out the post hole digger looking to make some progress.

Ran into some old concrete from a previous post and had to use the sledge and chisel. I can deal with that. Going good so far. That is until I find the mother of all rocks at the bottom of the hole. It was a monster. What now???

Call the greatest home teacher, who happens also to have a jack hammer and ask to use it. Every man has his limits. I hit my limits when I know there is a jack hammer available. Grant decided to use my tools while I used the jack hammer. Good helper.

First stab at the monster rock. Chica jumps in to help spread out my nice pile of dirt.

Getting deaper....

One bag of concrete and 15 hours later (had to wait for the concrete to dry) I have a new fence. It is nice to have it completed again.

P.S. - I have determined every man needs a jack hammer. That and an amazing home teacher!

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EmpressOfAllSheSurveys said...

Wow. That's all I have to say.
:-) Glad that your "animal killer" took care of that vicious garage wall, Jeff. :-)