Friday, September 10, 2010

Queen Arkansas

As part of our time in Arkansas we took a boat ride on the Queen Arkansas. It used to be a steam paddle boat, however it is now powered by 2 diesel engines. It moved really slow, but was fun to ride down the Arkansas river.

The kids liked to go to the front of the boat. I think they liked looking down to the water. By the end of the trip they discovered the back of the boat with the paddle wheel. They really enjoyed exploring the boat. A crew member did tell us that they were climbing where they weren't supposed to, so other than that it was a fun time.
Here is Mhari. She liked to explore too, but didn't venture quite so far away from us.

During the instructions from the captain he told them he was going to blow the loud horn in a few minutes and that people should cover their ears. The kids were listening and covered their ears right away. It was cute.

Here is Jeff with Mhari and uncle John with Sandra.
It was a long boat ride - almost 2 hours actually. The river was cool to see, but man sitting on the top of the boat got hot and we ended up with sunburns! By "we" I mean Jeff and I as you can see in our Family photo on the top of the blog. The deck that was shaded was reserved for a private party so we were stuck in the sun the whole time. It was definitely something different to do and hopefully the kids will remember riding on the boat for a while!

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