Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Welcome to Arkansas!

For the holiday weekend our little family took a quick vacation to Little Rock, Arkansas. Jeff's aunt and uncle (Nancy and John) live there so it made it nice to go and stay with them and spend time with family. We had a great time and the kids especially enjoyed themselves! It was nice to go on a trip where we didn't have to drive over 15 hours just to get to our destination! I must say Arkansas is very pretty! I guess we came when the weather had just turned nice again - yay for awesome weather!

Here is John and Nancy's house. We just loved it!

Here is the view from the front balcony.
Here is the view from the backyard looking back up to the house. They had amazing trees and plants! The kids loved all the nature!

Here are the kids enjoying the awesome stuff John and Nancy had for them to do. The boys got out the dog monopoly game and they also found Lego's, and lots of beanie babies!

The girls had baby dolls to play with and dress up! They just loved them!

Here are the kids in the backyard on the bench swing. The "forest" is behind them to the right. Grant especially loved exploring in the forest. The only problem with that is they have lots of poison ivy... I'm just glad Grant didn't find any! We didn't let him play in the forest after we heard about the poison ivy.

Here are the kids on the swing on the upstairs balcony. This was one of their favorite places to play!

Mostly they played there with their new beanie babies :). They lined them all up so nicely.

Here is Mhari trying to reach the kids on the upstairs balcony. It's a long way to reach little Punkin!
One of the other things the kids just loved was their dog, Oscar! He was so cute and fun. The kids sure had fun wearing him out!

Here is Mhari giving Clark a kiss. Just couldn't pass up sharing a cute baby picture. This was after church on Sunday.

Mhari really loved Oscar!

Daddy and Grant :)

Daddy and Talmage playing dog monopoly Sunday afternoon. Let's just say that Talmage did really well :).

That's just a taste of the fun times we had. I will be doing more posts to add about some of the other stuff we did. Thanks a ton to John and Nancy for letting our family come and stay! It was great to get away for a few days!


Amanda said...

LOVE that house! It my DREAM home!

Cindy Killebrew said...

I love Arkansas! It has all four seasons. Beautiful home!