Tuesday, November 9, 2010

2nd grade performance

A few weeks ago Talmage had his 2nd grade performance at the school. It was "It's going to be a good night" (or something like that). The hard part about these performances is unless you get there super early you don't get good seats and then the pictures just aren't that great. Sorry about that.

Talmage knew all of the songs and did really well. He was on the top row on the far left side. Here he is when they first started.

Some of the hand motions to the songs. I think it's from the "Good Night" song.

I think this one's from the Halloween hand jive song.

More hand jive going on :)

Sorry it took so long to blog, but there's not that much going on. I should take more pictures of the baby... or something exciting :).
Happy November!

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