Thursday, November 25, 2010

Thankful for Kids :)

It is that time again... to update the kid pictures :).

I tried to get a group shot, but it didn't turn out that great. I don't think group shots of 5 kids are ever really that great, unless you take tons, and are really patient. Seeing as how this was the only one I attempted, my odds at it turning out well were not in my favor.

Here we are walking/running to the next location. I like walking shots ;)

OK, here they are from oldest to youngest. I have two of each because sometimes we are undecided on a favorite. It's fun to see them grow.

Talmage - 8 years old!

The shot I like better :)

Grant - almost 7

my favorite of him :)

Sandra - almost 5 years old
my favorite of her :)
Mhari - almost 3 years old

So hard to pick a favorite of her. I liked several... she has such personality and different poses and faces. She's at such a fun age!

Seeing how I just did Clark's 5 month post he is not included in this update. I think I'll plan to do his 6 month pictures to include in the kid updates. It really is amazing to see how much kids grow and change in just a year.
I really am thankful for my wonderful kids. They make life so exciting, even if it is crazy at the same time :)!

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