Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Holiday Excitement for a Law Student

What are you doing for the holidays? I just received my present. My bar prep materials came in the mail. I will be studying and studying and when not studying, I will study. From graduation til the end of February I know where I will be...not home. Sharla said today is Black Wednesday without all the benefits of good deals and joy.

It almost seems standard to take a photo of all the materials when they arrive. My UPS tracking info said my shipment was only 2.6 pounds. Hmmm, it was slightly more than that. It was a total of 38 pounds in fact...100% pure tree right there.

Just in case you got the idea it was probably just heavy pamphlets, I took a profile shot so you can see the thickness. The Cheese Bits box is for perspective purposes only.
I have learned that it is nearly impossible to go through everything they send you. It is too much stuff to actually digest it all. I won't go overboard with studying just yet. The key is to pace yourself and make steady continual progress. I will apologize early if I become unsocial or offensive in any way. This will be an emotional ride. See you in March :).

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