Monday, November 29, 2010

Sandy Shoes

Talmage's Pack had the chance to learn about horses and earn their Horseback Riding belt loop the week of Thanksgiving. A member in the other ward was kind enough to spend some time with the kids. We very much appreciate his kindness. Talmage was excited to see a horse and ride one. They learned what horses eat, how to control a horse with the halter and bridle, what kinds of horses there are and a bunch of other things. The picture below is of the kids first meeting their horse: Sandy Shoes. He was pretty old and passive. Good for kids and stuff.

Looking at his teeth...
and his feet.

Every kid needed help getting on Sandy Shoes. Here, Talmage is throwing the leg over for his turn to ride.

He looks all proper. He loved it. Sandy got confused at times because Talmage would hold the reigns pretty tight but want him to go forward. They got on the same page pretty quick.

Though Grant is not in Cubs yet, he really wanted to come even if all he was able to do it watch. They were nice to let him ride too. He was really happy! Grant is climbing up for his turn.

Grant is now back from his ride.
They still remind me that they want horses. Grant does it the most. I wanted horses when I was younger until I cleaned horsestalls 6 days a week for over a year as a job in the 4th and 5th grades. They still smell the same. I will not get a horse until I know they are serious about taking care of it. Horses are a lot of work but if they work the stalls and get exposure I might consent. Maybe they could work here when they get older???

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