Thursday, March 29, 2012

Little Chickadees ;)

It is the season for little baby animals :).  We decided it was time to add little chicks to our family for the kids to take care of.  We have done hens in the past so this isn't new, but we have never started with chicks before.  Monday night we took the kids to the local feed store and let them each pick out a baby chick.  We got 6 total to be sure each kid had a chick to care for and love.  6 is a lot and maybe we should have just gotten 4, but oh well.  

The kids really love their chicks!  They love helping take care of them, but especially holding them!  Here are all of the kids with their chicks...

Sandra with Goldie

Grant with Brownie

Talmage with Star

Mhari with Quiche' 

Clark with one of the other chicks.  His is yet to be named.

He is just so cute with them.  He isn't the softest, but he is good about not grabbing and such :)

Right now the chicks are living in a rubbermaid container until they are big enough to go outside.  Let's just say that they will be outside sooner than later.  These little gals are trying to learn to fly and have started perching up on the container :/.  Not so fun.  They stay in pretty well during the day, but when the kids want to hold them or take care of them we have had a few escape.  

We were told they were born around March 16th or so, but we wonder if they aren't a little older.  They really are growing fast and have small wing feathers already!  This is also our pest control for the yard.  There is a feast waiting out in the yard for these little gals.  We are enjoying our new little chicks and the kids are loving having an animal to love!  

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Lauren said...

Aww, I want chickens.. Congrats! Your family will have so much fun!