Friday, March 16, 2012

We love Animals!

For Spring break we decided it was time to take another trip to the zoo.  We hadn't gone to the zoo since Mhari was little so we were long overdue for a visit.  Our zoo is AWESOME and you can get some great views of the animals (one of the top 5 zoos in the nation).  Along with that every Wednesday is  half price day!   Somehow other people know about this too and the combination of half price day and spring break was really horrible!  We ended up parking out in the grass and had to walk to the zoo.  It felt more like an amusement park with the lines to get in!  There was even a helicopter and news crew to capture all of the action!

Besides all of the craziness the kids had a great time and really enjoyed seeing all of the animals!  Here are the highlights of the day... mostly of the kids, though I have plenty of animal pictures too ;).

Clark loving it already!

Looking at a crocodile... checking through the water.  I just loved that Talmage had turned around right when I took this picture :). 


Cute Chica

In the penguin house

Sandra is as tall as an emperor penguin... she was very happy :)

Grant with the awesome sign.  This is where he got lost the last time we were here... he left the penguin house while we were still inside.  Luckily we found him after just a few minutes.

Grant with the wallabies.  

Clark loving the fish... water and everything he wishes he was really touching!

Mhari climbing the alligator back.

The awesome jaguar... she was pacing - action shot :)  She was so close to us by the fence too!

One more try at a good picture of the jaguar

The elephants.  They were playing around... it was cute.

The giraffes

I lined up the kids for a group shot.  Wish they all looked happy.  They really did have a great time!

On our way out of the zoo... this is the lines of people still coming into the zoo at 2 pm!  Seriously crazy day!

Just outside the zoo they had some workers with animals.  We saw a huge snake, a turtle, and owls.  The kids are showing off their animals from the gift shop to the zoo lady.  Too cute!
It was a crazy day, but so great to let the kids experience the zoo again.  I'm not sure that I'll ever do the zoo during spring break again though!  

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