Monday, March 5, 2012

Sickie Hunny

Last week Jeff told me that his coworker was out 2 days with the flu... hmmm, not exactly fun news.  Jeff was starting to feel worn down Wed night, but nothing serious...Thurs night he was feeling it, but not sick yet... 
Then Friday morning hit and I knew he was down for the day... and off to get some meds.  He woke up with 102 degree fever that didn't go away.  He went to urgent care later and it was confirmed that he had the flu.  Poor guy.  He slept the day away.  

He was so cute I had to take a picture :)

Luckily his fever broke that evening, but he had to wait 24 hours before he wasn't contagious anymore.  That meant that he missed coaching the Friday practice and Saturday game.  Luckily his assistant, Liz, was there to help out.  It really was a shame because Saturday's game was great and the boys even pulled out a win 3 to 2!  They were so excited!  

It was nice to have him feeling better on Saturday, but he was was still pretty weak.  
Sunday he survived church, but his body still needs rest... by 8:30 he was out on the couch:

He got up a little bit later, but we were tucked into bed by 10 pm and anyone who knows us knows that is crazy talk!  I think that was the longest nights sleep I've had in a long time.  

The kids were so tired that even they were all out by 8:30 (or at least reading quietly that they let everyone else sleep too).  The kids have been staying up late and getting up early so it was really nice to have them sleep good too!

Even today he is pretty tired... man that flu is a pain!  Now to keep hoping and praying it doesn't spread!!!

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Rice Family said...

Oh no! We had that a few weeks ago-- YUCK! Poor Jeff. I hope it doesn't spread! The worst is getting sick when you're already pregnant--- I'm crossing my fingers you don't get it!