Monday, March 19, 2012

Weeks Events!

Here are a few highlights from last week... and today:

Mhari was not feeling well last week Tuesday.  She needed to be well for us to go to the zoo on Wednesday and it wasn't looking promising ;(

Poor girl laid on the couch sleeping most of the day.  That evening she started throwing up :(.  Jeff stayed home with her while I went to volleyball.  When I got home she was still throwing up, restless, and had a fever.  Jeff had given her a blessing, but she seemed worse.  Later Jeff told me that he told Mhari that either she would feel better right away or she would start throwing up and do it a lot to get all of the ickies out.  Let's just say she took the second route.  She was done by about midnight and slept the rest of the night through.  She was up and ready for food in the morning and we enjoyed the crazy day at the zoo together! 

Talmage, our reader, finished Harry Potter through book 5 and now has earned 544.7 AR points for the year!  (Grant finished book two yesterday :))
His teacher will be doing a donut breakfast for the class on Friday for a reward for Talmage's hard work (not sure why the whole class gets a party?!)

I know it's tiny, but too cute not to share... we washed cars on Monday last week and Clark was being "helpful"  
If you can't tell from the picture he's licking the car.  In our defense it was all washed and it was being rinsed so he was really trying to drink the water.  I know not a very good defense, but still funny! 

Texas is having crazy weather today ... so far a bunch of wind and a little rain, but more is expected tonight (tornado warnings etc).  When we got home from picking up the kids from school the kids came in and got a snack.  Grant took his pear outside to eat and came back in after saying "Wow".  Yep, that about sums it up!  We had one tree and the wind took it down!  The kids are quite heartbroken about it too :(.  Mhari kept walking around saying "Poor Tree."  Talmage wants another willow to replace our willow that's down.  The willow tree was his friend ;(.  
It's crazy that the tree broke at the roots!  Its smushing the slide and leaning on the new fence... Jeff is going to chainsaw it apart when he gets home tonight.  Anyone need firewood?  I'm just hoping that's as much craziness as the storm brings us!

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A Tale of Three said...

licking the car clean would take a lot of work...glad Clark wasn't deterred by the time commitment :)