Friday, November 20, 2015

In the days of the Pioneers!

Cleburne held a pioneer celebration and we went so the kids could experience more about pioneers.  The kids are doing a Texas History class right now so this was really helpful!  It was great to see so much history and even get to touch and experience things like we were in the pioneer days!

What their tents were like

The weapons.  The guy is getting ready to do a cannon demonstration!

Man that was loud!

Sandra feeling a real fur pelt!

Listening to a story about how the turtle shell got all cracked looking.  

Learning about Indian and pioneer games

Cool totem pole!
Owen, Clark, and Talmage

Sandra, Lorna, Bree, and Mhari

Tiffany and Me

Ella and Grant

 Tiffany showing Owen how they used to sharpen blades.

Clark smelling a metal flower (they put scent on it to smell like a rose)

Some of the cool black smith items for sale!

Hard at work!

Grant and Owen driving the sheriff stage coach!

It was a great trip with so much to see.  I'm glad we went and maybe next time we will plan to buy some cool souvenirs.  Yay for Texas and it's pioneers!

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